Currently school has 530 registered students from Class Nursery to Class X.

We have a great team of 25 teachers and 5 supporting staff.

Our tuition fee structure is very affordable for most families of this community; even then, about 10% are still unable to pay this monthly fee.

Currently our fee structure is, Class Nursery to Class V, Rs300 per month. There are 70% student are up to Class V. Whereas the Maximum Fee is Rs400 per month up to Class X.

1. We have honor that we are providing all syllabus books to all incoming students free of cost.

2. We are providing school uniform to all new incoming students free of cost from school.

3. School have electric generator, which is used during school hour’s load shedding.

4. Good arrangement of ceramic tiled finished seven (7) washrooms.

5. School has its own computer class room.

6. School has a small library.

7. We have science laboratory equipment and extension is underway.

8. School is equipped with all necessary gadgets like, desks, chairs, lighting, ceiling fans, water coolers, and best air ventilation system in each classroom.

9. Every year we organized outing and picnic programs for Teachers and staff.